People vs pets

More of 50% of people in the poor parts of Africa and Asia don’t have access to essential drugs.

Reasons are:

–          Low budget for healthy
–          High prises for drugs
–          Distribution problems
–          Low quality of available drugs
–          Poor patient education
–          Production of drugs fluctuations
–          New drugs for certain tropical diseases are insufficiently developed
–          Low drug donations
–          Misuse of medication

Both national and international governments and the private sector are responsible for improving access to medicines for poor and sick people in developing countries.

Millions of poor people suffer and die because they cannot afford much-needed medication. Their only alternative is to buy cheaper generic drugs.

Kenya is ahead of many African countries in palliative care, but only seven of its 250 hospitals have ready access to morphine. Even when it is in stock, the annual supply is limited to some 1,500 patients. Yet 180,000 Kenyans die each year of AIDS and cancer alone. Not every patient can be provided with adequate drugs.

Doctors and parents are especially to prescribe morphine to children, arguing that it amounts to giving up on them. Furthermore, the law in many African countries is poorly written, leaving hospitals liable for misplaced controlled drugs, a big concern when so many drugs are pilfered and are then flogged on the black market.

For cancer and other diseases, because Africans often see doctors too late and chemotherapy is rarely available, cancer treatment is mostly about helping people to die without pain.

Health care for pets has developed enormously in recent years, and is now offered mainly by veterinarians who treat companion animals only. Every year more and more medicines for pets came on the market. Many research is done regarding to drugs for pets.

But the main question is, is there more money going to research on drugs for animals or to developing countries? If so, is this ethical justifiable? Are pets concerning health care more important compared to people in developing countries?



4 Responses to People vs pets

  1. Bart Minne says:

    I know there is a lot of corruption in Africa but this is mostly due to the poverty dominating the continent. Those people have nothing and are even risking their own health for some extra food on the table for their family.
    If I’m correct I think the goal of this blog is not to discuss the corruption in Africa but the issue of spending money on pets while people in Africa are starving. I think if more people in Africa would have access to basic living standards, corruption will decrease accordingly.
    On the other hand, we should safeguard the health of animals in our environment. Not only pets but also wildlife and it is justifiable to spend money on it. But where is the limit?

  2. But, if you had the choice to sell medication and so have money to buy food? What do you think that it is the most important? The best for your family and they or that you will survive?

  3. I am already not agree with stealing. This is not een exemple that happens every day. In developing countries, exactly in the slums, the people have nothing. Is is not an discuse for the pills. Who gets there, who is not? No, it is more important, that we can get some money for the basic stuff. At the moment, if we sent pills to there, they are sometimes expensive pills, like for HIV. This medication can be up to thousand euros. This has no difference for the number of diseases and is not what I will explain. It is important to do something about the basic needs. If you look to my movies in the next post, you can see that is more important for milieu. Rivers, nature will be contaminated, because people don’t have a toilet. This is something were we need to spend money in the first place!

    • Bart Minne says:

      It’s a combination of corruption, crime, hunger and most important of all, mentality. As long as there is hunger the need for medication won’t be the primary concern. This is nicely shown by the comment of putzeys of December 18th. The old man has money for food so he’s not hungry, so he’ll invest into drugs to improve his health.

      While I do not approve crime in any form I think the focus should be on helping the hungry. Today already a lot of money is invested in this matter but a lot of it gets lost. This is due to the corruption of both national and local authorities and crime.

      To help these people action should be taken on many different levels. Food and safety, countering corruption and crime and public health. This should be done not by the American way (bomb and take over) but by teaching and support the locals to improve their own lives.

      You can’t help poor people by giving them money and food, you help them to provide for themselves so they are no longer depending on someone else.

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