Serious fun 3D interaction game

Did anybody ever heard about “serious fun”?

It is the slogan of the research from E-media lab in Groep T. The goal of the research is to help children who are with certain body disability by developing interesting games with rich user interactions.

Let’s start from wii mote, a very popular game technique a few years ago. During that time in 2008, doctors in Canada  use the system as entertainment for young spinal cord injury recovering patients, and as therapy for patients after strokes.

According to that project, the following advantages of using wii mote game to cure disable people are stated:


Whether the patient is standing or sitting in a wheelchair, the controllers used to play the Wii console require balance and proper form for the best results, research has shown it improves bone mineral density and strengthening.


Therapy becomes more enjoyable when put in the context of a game.


The competitive spirit in patients who may not otherwise be able to compete is awakened.  This can be great for increasing social skills as well as self-esteem.

Extension of Therapy to home

While many things that are found in a therapists office are far too cost-prohibitive to be kept at home, the Wii is an affordable method of treatment that can be taken beyond the office and into the home for around $250.  Additionally, friends and family can play along and join in the fun.

Helps With Memory, Problem Solving, and Decision Making Skills.

Playing sophisticated games helps with short-term, long-term, and muscle memory.  Strategic games require problem solving and decision making skills, all of which help to enhance the experience.

Wii to 3D interaction 

Wii mote control is a miracle. It brings real life into game: by using only one wii mote controller in hand, we can play golf, dance and so on. However, is it hard that always hold a controller in hand? What if you by accident throw the controller away and break it?  Or what if it is out of power? Those are all kinds of problems with the wii mote controller. Why not get rid of the controller and just use our body to control?  Then welcome toKinect xbox! Kinect xbox 360 is a game technique that uses 3D interaction technique,  with the kinect camera to capture people’s gestures and respond to the gestures. We can play all kinds of games by just using our body! We can still achieve all the advantages of cure children with disability or after strokes plus more natural!

3D interaction is fun, and serious fun.

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One Response to Serious fun 3D interaction game

  1. First thank you for your comment.
    To your question :
    1.Can’t we just go out and perform games outside in real life?
    It is exactly why Kinect is so popular, you can just play games or do exercise at home! You don’t have to even bother where or when to go out; is there a parking place; or if you go to a golf club, you might have to queue and so on. You might know the proverb, “East west, home is best.” When at home, you can even do multitasking things.
    2.What is the great benefit of this Kinect system compared to real life experiences?
    This I have answered above, but another remark. Can you play war games like Call of Duty or Counter Strike in real life?
    On top of that it has major benefits for revalidation (or medical in general) purposes: exercises can be performed at a much lower cost in an environment that has a much better influence on the person.

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