The Holodeck

Every science fiction fan has seen it already in Star Trek: The holodeck. This can really simulate any situation that can be programmed into a real life hologram projection in a room. For those who have never seen it before, here is a short video:

Two major aspects have to be taken into account: how do you interact with such an environment, and how can it be displayed? 3D camera’s can already give an answer to the first question and that is exactly what Microsoft has tried to accomplish in a proof of concept

Maybe 3D interaction will not play a key role in your living room, but it will surely be the most important component of physical and virtual interaction.The gap between virtual and physical world is becoming increasingly smaller: we move into the virtual world, and the virtual world moves into the physical world. The former is already available as 3D games for the kinect, and also the latter is under research.



One Response to The Holodeck

  1. Actually there is not THAT much to it. You have a 3D camera that reads your hands’ position. You have a 2D camera (webcam) that checks where your eyes are, so the image displays is adjusted to where you are. To display the blocks, you just take a screen and a reflecting piece of glass.

    Most of the power is contained in the software that does all the processing. Everything that is hologram-like can work great as prototypes for real life structures/devices… Imagine an architect not even having to make a prototype any more. You can present whatever you want simply via the internet (in a 3D conference).

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