3D interaction in teleconference

Nowadays the technology is better and better developed, people can have conference just online instead of troubling go a long way  to another city and go back to the place you work which saves us a lot of time.

But, somebody might ask why use 3D teconferencing?

Well there are a few reasons: first, using 3D technology gives the people who attends the meeting the feeling  of being there, just like in a room talking across a table instead of staring at the screen. Thus people can communicate like face to face. Second , the ability to “look around” the scene helps preserve information that is lost during normal 2D video conferencing. For example, imagine that you are seating in a meeting room and someone’s head is blocking your view of a whiteboard. In 3D system, as in real life, you would naturally move your head around for an unobstructed view. In traditional video conferencing, you must interrupt the meeting and ask that the remote user move his or her head.

Source:  http://ispr.info/2011/06/08/kinect-hack-creates-3d-teleconferencing/


One Response to 3D interaction in teleconference

  1. This is just a prototype using devices that cost about €150 and are not designed to do video conferences. Imagine what happens when you further optimise this design, completely removing the artefacts?

    Professional video conferencing systems costs several 1000 Euro which is quite a high cost. For lower end application, a Kinect camera could perfectly do and bring 3D conferencing alive. But as long as we don’t have easy ways to display it to the user on the other side, the benefits are limited.

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