The countries where Artsen Zonder Grenzen spent the most in 2010:

You can see that most of the money is spent in Haiti. This is due to the natural disaster that has stricken the area.

Where did the money come from? Most of the money has come from the private sector (91%), public institutional (7%) and other sources (2%). The total amount that came in in 2010 was all together 943,3 million euros.

How was the money spent? In 2010 the money was spent in programmes (68%), headquarters programme support (10%),  awareness-raising (3%) and other humanitarian activities (1%). All together an amount of 666,1 million euros (82%) was spend on the social mission. Also in other expenses drained the budget (18% or 146,8 million euros), like fundraising and management, general and administration. So the overall total is 812,9 million euros.

If we compare both, there is a profit of 132,5 million euros.


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  1. this is only a review of ‘Artsen zonder grenzen’. For these people, it is their job. They need also money for food, housing, etc.. I think, like music for life, all that money goes to the purpose they telled you.

    • Bart Minne says:

      Indeed, for every donation made to charity several % is used to support the organization. Therefore it is not only important to look at the goals of your donation but also at the organization itself, several scandals have been known regarding fraud.

  2. As far as I know, MSF is a non profit organisation. We cannot just conduct the profit frpm its income and visible outcome. There are a lot of invisible expenditures such as the salary for the staff and the cost of the building.
    But at least we know there are organisations care more about people than pets.

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