relationship between the money that goes to Africa and to research for vaccination for pets

In this post, there is a relationship between the money that goes to Africa and to research for vaccination for pets.

Money that goes to a company:

Exact amounts are not known. Each company receives grants and which varies depending on the project. Each company has also money from another source, like privet, banks, … This money all together is around millions.

So, for every company it is different. I will give you some sales data from a couple of companies of the animal pharm’s top 20.

Not all these companies invest in animals, so I only selected 5 companies for animals.

1)   Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Healt: sale in 2009 à 2120,9 EUR and in 2010 à 2,743.19 EUR

2)   Merial: In 2009: 1,959.71 EUR and in 2010: 2,021.87 EUR

3)   Elanco: In 2009: 926.146 EUR and in 2010: 1,067.33 EUR

4)   INDEXX Laboratories: In 2009: 705.927 EUR and in 2010: 757.337 EUR

5)   Virbacc: In 2009: 467,1 EUR and in 2010: 572,8 EUR

I didn’t find more information on the money transfers specific for the companies performing research for pets. That’s why I focused on this data.

Money that goes to Africa.

(this is a financial report from 2010)

  • Income:
a) Gifts from Belgium 27 280
b) Legacies in Belgium 5 052
c) Gifts from AZG partner sections 10 9 397
d) Gifts from other AZG sections 29 004
e) Other private-income 4 832
Subtotal 175 565 (90,1%)
Subsidies of government 19 207 (9,9%)
TOTAL 194 772 (100%)

Income from private donors or the general public is the main source of income for AZG (90,1% of total). Much of it is collected by other MSF partner sections.

Income from institutional donors or grants for Belgian and European governments represent 9,9% of total incomes. The main donors are the EU, Sweden and Belgium.

  • Outcome:
Social mission
a) Direct and indirect operational outcome 161 746
b) Sensibilisation 2 114
c) Research to neglected diseas


Subtotal 164 257 (91,8%)
Other outcomes
a) Working 8 160
b) Fundraising 6 430
Subtotal 14 590 (8,2%)
TOTAL 178 847 (100%)

Social mission (89,6% of total) includes all outcomes for operations in various countries (direct costs) and medical, logistical and operational services from its headquarters in Brussels (indirect costs). The social mission includes outcomes for sensibilisation and the costs associated with research into neglected diseases.

Other outcomes comprise following outcomes: general operations, fundraising in Belgium and subsidies for Danish partner section and the office in Brazil and South Africa.


29,3 million euros was spent extra than the initial budgeted, since 18,4 million euros extra was collected. This increase can be attributed to two major catastrophes that occurred in Haiti and Pakistan.

The final result was assigned to the emergency fund of ‘Artsen zonder grenzen’. This allows us to immediately help all victims, both those of high profile disaster like this for emergencies, which are not talked about in this post.



2 Responses to relationship between the money that goes to Africa and to research for vaccination for pets

  1. A first remark: what is money that goes to a company?
    At this moment I don’t see any relation between the cash flows and neither do I see any actual message in the conclusion.

  2. Bart Minne says:

    I agree, donations to charity are only done by companies that are actually making profit. So only when the economy is stimulated, the cash flow towards charity will increase.

    But this is not only done by grants, this is also a political topic that goes beyond the borders of this blog.

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