New technology, amazing or crazy?

Our generation faces the fastest phase of the technology development. 10 years ago, mobile phones were not popular yet. Only big mobile phones existed among business people. Back then, they held the phone on their ears talking loud in front of people and surely they caught people’s attention because phones were so rare and they can show off. But after a while there were just more and more people shouting loud in the streets, and normal people just shook their heads and mumbling ”Crazy people”.

Then later, we have wireless device like the bluetooth in-ear head phone, it turned out that people then talked to themselves in the streets, no surprise called “freaks” by normal people. Interestingly some people might put one hand on the ear even if they had that head phone, transfering ”I am talking on a phone, I am not crazy” message.

So I can’t help thinking, what will 3D interaction brings us? The same it is something that we never saw before like talk to a thing while you are walking. Will we be called crazy when we are gesturing around something? We would be lucky and amazing if there is something happening like a light on after the gesture. What if our crazy movement does not work? Will people be regarded as crazy when using a new technology?


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