Digital data finds its way into the physical world

In our last post, we have talked about augmented reality. But that’s just the first step into ‘digitising’. Just imagine yourself that every piece of environment can turn into a computer system that is – one way or another – interacting with you. Here’s another fragment from Minority Report (yes, it really is a cool film šŸ™‚ )

There’s quite a lot to think about in that fragment: screen of that size? cost? privacy? But it might be available in the future. We have been talking about holograms before; cheap and big screens might be another (currently more realistic) solution. At this moment, our world is not filled with that many screens yet, so other experiments have to be done, one of which is the 6th sense:

It actually removes the need for any screens to display the data, but who would be carrying such system with him/her all the time?

But what has this to do with 3D cameras? Doing a fancy iris scan and looking up a person in a database is probably not ever going to happen (at least not for commercial purposes). But a 3D camera can give extra information to a system about a person. Last year, Microsoft has patented a technique to estimate the age of a person by simply looking at bodily proportions. 3D techniques make it possible to model an entire body for further processing which can then be used to display advertisements about sports facilities (subtle hints!)


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