3D content

You have probably heard of 3D televisions and might have watched a 3D movie already. We haven’t told anything about this subject so far, because it relies on other technologies.

When you are watching at a screen, there is absolutely no way that you can walk around the scene. The screen greatly limits you ability to check the normally invisible aspects. The biggest difference compared to the 3D we have been talking about, is that there is no model made by a computer. The 3D images are composed in the same way as our eyes would look at reality.

While those technologies are not the same, they do influence each other. Currently there is not that much 3D content available, but this could change. TV broadcasts of soccer matches could benefit from a full 3D scan, resulting in a complete model of the field and the players. That would make it possible for the director to show a video feed as if you were a soccer player! And if you want to take full control, you can do so too.

But as we are not there yet at all, we will need regular 3D content first. And one way to do so, is to give the everyday person to record 3D video. That’s exactly what the smartphone manufacturers are doing now.

Whether that will help 3D screens to be sold more often is yet another question.


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