3D gaming

As we talked before, 3D technology can bring a big evolution to our lives based on some existed technology such as online shopping and so on. Let’s see another amazing application which uses 3D technology: 3D war game!

Now keep your eyes open and enjoy!



Just like that? You may say WTF! Well just kidding ūüôā ¬†Most of the comments say this vedio was faked, but whether it is faked or not, I cannot help thinking, how sad it is! You even do not have anything in your hand! The worst thing in 3D application is the lack of control or feel it. ¬†If the 3D game in the future turned out to be like this, i guess people would go back to the desk and sit and play it with your mouse and keyboard.

But recently, this following news has been covered by UK TV channel 5 on  24th October 2011, it is 3D game based on other thing, you hold a machine gun on your hand and you got the omni-direction trade mill that you can feel on the foot and the whole game is like you are really in the war!



While we are still sitting in front of the computer and playing war games like Call of Duty, Battlefield and so on. Maybe now its time for us to see the most real game in the world that one person can ever experience! The game is in a big They even invited a soldier to play it,  and it was so real that the soldier himself got nervous! It is so real because the wireless gun you hold, when you shoot other people, they will also physically hit by a ball, which hurts too. I believe in the future this application can come to us and we can experience it.

But despite its¬†amaze, we have to be honest that it is not 3D¬†technology¬†on ¬†its own, it consists of a lot of other technologies too, such as pixel mapping, wireless communication and so on. And this project is so¬†costly¬†as it uses 10 kinect¬†infrared¬†camera and 5 LCD projectors in orderto get a 360 ¬į view, and up to 80000 color LED to create the “real” environment. But nevertheless, we got something new!


7 Responses to 3D gaming

  1. Bart Minne says:

    In my opinion there is a limit to this real-making. If it starts to make a professional nervous I think it overshoots its goal for amusement and relaxation. Secondly, what are the psychological implications of such a game. Soldiers are greatly affected by the war. Will the same impact occur on players as well? And probably the most important factor: will the general public actually like to play a game which is so real?
    I think the application for such a device would be the training of new soldiers, making them battle ready rather than creating the boyhood dream.

  2. * Shooters never had the target to be relaxing. In fact, games in general don’t have the target to do so.
    * Those implications really go beyond the scope of this research, and is more a topic on gaming than it is on 3D interaction. Also, keep in mind that games have become increasingly more realistic already.

  3. Bart Minne says:

    I am confused now. You stated in a few posts that the impact of the 3D technology is important, since if people can’t get used to it they won’t use it. So that implies that not only the technology itself is important but the feel to it as well. But now you state that the psychological impact of an application of the 3D technology is beyond the scope of this research. Could you elaborate?

    I’m not the biggest gamer myself so that’s probably why I used the relaxation. I probably better used recreation to describe what I meant. I was going for the creation of joy and happiness. I assume this is the reason why people play this, whether or not this is created by the adrenaline rush. I do agree games get more real every day, that’s not my point. I wondered if there was a limit to the ‘real-making’ of games. For example, wouldn’t it be traumatic to play with one of your friends and see him die every few seconds in a real vivid way, together with his screams in pain because of the effects of the game?

  4. yes, but paintball is a game in open air! You play together, like a team!
    Maybe a few people like to play games who are likely real. But do you think,
    that these games increase violence even faster? They play like it is real, and if it likes so real and they like it.. they use it on the street en the violence gets worse.
    So is it necessary to designing games that seem real. I do not see the good in it.

    • Normally this kind of game can only be played in specific places like clubs and so on. Of course people realize it is not in real life, that kind of facilities only provide games more enjoyable feelings when playing, and it is just an enhancement of the computer game. We didn’t see that many bad consequences in the existing game, so it is not that possible to kill people in the street.
      Think of games in entertainment park, like gun shooting or roller coaster and so on, will you get spontaneous response like that in the street? People’s brain has this kind of ability to deal with it.

  5. Wii sports games like tennis are also available in open air, and you also play together or against each other.
    The game industry keeps on improving the quality of the video to make it realistic, so apparently people do like to have a feeling of reality in games.

    But please keep your focus on what is important on this blog: “where does a 3D camera fit in our life”, and not “what are the consequences of implementing an experiment into real life gaming”. The latter is a topic that goes way beyond the scope of this research and it is not the target of these blog posts. Nonetheless, those are interesting questions that should be investigated further on, once those experiments are being developed for real applications.

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