Laboratory Data

Since the call for laboratory data was high I looked further into this matter. I can only say that as with anything else with this topic, a big controversy exists. Although in contradiction to most of the earlier findings that there is no relation between brain cancer and cell phone usage, it seems that there is a link between DNA damage and RF signals. For example:

The American Cancer society states that: ‘Experiments in the lab have shown that direct RF waves, which are given off by cell phones, have not enough energy to damage DNA directly. This has been supported by several studies carried out in the lab.’

On the other hand a study from January, 2012 by Cogulu et al. has shown that: ‘Cell phones which spread RF may damage DNA and change gene expression in brain cells.’ During this study brain cells of mice were exposed to RF signals and a SAR (Specific absorption rate) of 0,725/Kg for 6 hours in 3 days at 25°C.

Already earlier there were studies showing that RF waves could affect the DNA in brain cells. For example a study by Lai and Singh in 1997 showed that DNA damage occurred in rat brain cells after exposure to RF waves.

This contradicts the most studies stating that there is no relation between brain cancer and cell phone usage. Since I have not found any conclusive data regarding humans there is always room for questions like: ‘are the effects on human brain cells the same?

More information on SAR can be found here:


American Cancer Society,

Cogulu et al., 2012,


2 Responses to Laboratory Data

  1. So, RF waves damaged DNA, wich is the conclusion of the most reviews. The damage of DNA, is there a link with cancer?
    because a damage in the DNA does not always lead to cancer, or am I wrong?

    • Bart Minne says:

      DNA damage itself does not lead to cancer it are the possible mutations during the repair that can lead to cancer.

      DNA damage is very frequent, as is the occurance of cancer. Every day the human body repairs DNA and removes cancer cells from the human body. It is when the human body no longer can control a growing cancer cell that the medical world speaks of cancer. Cancer is in fact a term for fast and uncontrolled growth. This growth leads to all the problems related to the disease. The uncontrolled growth always starts from a single cell which becomes insensitive to the growth control signals of the human body, most often due to DNA changes.

      So the more frequent DNA is damaged and has to be repaired, the bigger the chance is that an incorrect repair will occur leading to a mutation. This mutation could lead to cancer.

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