3D cameras and phantom limbs

This is quite a nice application! Phantom limbs are limbs that were amputated (or lost), but still felt by the person. This mostly results in pains that aren’t physically there because they are caused by the brains and some mixing up of the nerves. To soften the pains, there is a technique using a mirror box: the limb that is gone, is ‘faked’ by the reflection of the other limb. This tricks the brain into thinking that it actually is there.

So far for the medical part! Benjamin Blundell has been working on a digital version of this mirror box. It uses the Kinect camera in combination with virtual reality glasses. The kinect detects the user, and gives that data to the software. There, the missing limb is filled in by the reflection of the other one and showed on the glasses. Check the video included!


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