Tips for 3D gestural design

As we already discussed in other blogs that 3D gestural design is very difficult. When we want the user to perform some action in front our system, we do not want them to feel stupid or crazy.

There are some tips when designing 3D gestural system.

  • The gesture has to be simple but not commonly used. People has to feel natural and not embarrassed to do it and will not often do it by accident.
  • Feedback should be provided immediately so user can feel they were doing something useful but not moving crazily. If necessary, visual and audio feedbacks together are more inviting.
  • The transition between different actions should be very clear so the system can capture the right gesture at the right moment and give a right response.
  • Handle diversity

Different morphologies may imply different behaviors.
Make sure you don’t optimize for just you or your reference movie.

  • Camera has to see it
    Only superman and airport security can see through objects.
    Help user stay inside the boundaries.
    Fast movements can be blurry.

In order to make the system more socialized, we should try to figure out how to make the design difficult minimum.