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This page describes three different topics, loosely related to a master thesis at GroupT International Engineering College.


On this blog we will research how 3D vision interaction with digital devices has an influence on social interaction between the users of such systems. This research will cover topics like how natural it feels to wave at a screen, how flexible it is compared to conventional devices (game controllers, remotes…) and what kind of social aspects are involved in both the interaction between the users in the same room but also between users that are in contact via 3D interaction.  At the end of this academic year, this research will form the basis for a my statement paper that is part of the master thesis at GroupT.

Your hosts for this section are called Lin Jiang and Toon Peters.

3D Gaming with Kinect Adventures (c) Microsoft

Bart Minne

My topic of discussion will be the research for a possible relation between the radiation of cell phones and brain cancer. I will talk about whether or not there is a connection between (intensive) cell phone usage and a higher occurrence of brain cancer. Many studies have been done regarding this subject but at present day there is still no consensus between the different researchers. By finding the arguments of each research group I will give an overview and discuss the point of views of these research groups.

Is there a link between cell phone usage and brain tumors?

(Credit: L. Lloyd Morgan, et al)

I am Bart Minne, a master student in industrial engineering option Biochemistry

Marte Van Hoeck

Drinkwater in Afrika (c) Link.nl

Every day people die in developing countries because they don’t have access to drinkable water and a standard hygiene. A lot of diseases responsible for these casualties could be cured by the administration of basic drugs. In the Western countries these drugs are available for the general population and vaccines are even developed for pets. In this latter case a lot of money is spend on the research and development of those vaccines and one could wonder if this is responsible considering the human casualties in the developing countries. Could it be justified that all this funds are used for pets while fellow human beings are in need?

I’m Marte Van Hoeck, a master student Industrial Engineering option Biochemistry.